Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Fashion Show Birthday Party

                                     Mhegans celebrated her 9th birthday at Raj Hotel, Tagum City (on May 3, 2012). It was like a sweet sixteenth party for it has a theme which is "Fashion Show", It was focused on fashion which you can love or hate it!. It was suppose to be a children's party but little Mhegan Already loves Fashion like her mom, ate Mhatet (a model in Davao), Where she got her passion for fashion and  her beauty as well. Mhegan's party was indeed Glamorous and Fabulous!

A Birthday Girl Mhegan

Laughing out Loud in Dressing Room


Charlene Garbo (solo Picture)

Charlene and the Stylist 

Chariss Manuel  ( without Make-up

Charlene and Chariss and Ate Mhatet at the back
they're all beautiful with the mesmerizing smiles. 


Two extras

Inah Libre's Solos and

Mia Buaron's Solos


Me and Inah Libre

Me and Carlita Salvador Lasquite

Let's the Fashion Show Begin !! 

 Carlita Salvador Lasquite wearing a...
 brown leopard print 
black killer shoes
brown bangle

Charlene Garbo wearing a...
White casual dress with rose pattern design 
killer glitter shoes
pink, black and white feather necklace
brown metal and wooden bangles

Ive Rose wearing a...
white loose blouse with a see through lace at the back
blue denim shorts
wedge sandal

Chariss Manuel wearing a...
black lace dress with long sleeve see through
leather with leopard print shoes
loopes earrings

Inah Libre wearing a...
Glittering black dress
pink wedge shoes
brown bangles

Marifer YU wearing a...
yellow pattern dress
black wedge sandal
pendant necklace

Marlon Suan wearing...
pink blazer
blue v-cut tshirt
black denim pants
gray bono boss boots
feather necklace

... And the Birthday girl with her friend...

Mhegan wearing a..
 sleeveless zibra printed blouse with collar and 
pink miniskirt with black ruffles
sandal with gem
her friend wearing a ...
pink turtle neck color with a fake fur
black leopard print belt
connected with blue mini skirt
black above the knee sock 
and star head wear


Me and Mhegan

Like Mother, Like Daughter
 Mhegan and her mother. Ate Mhatet


                           Thank you guys for watching this . Truly, your my Monster's Fans i have a great views for this week. Thank you for supporting me, and for letting my blog get famous though. Hope you enjoy this blog.

The Models

Were ALL!!


This was so much FUN!


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