Friday, August 31, 2012

Picture Story: Virgin white 

White love sleeve with prints
White scarf
Feather necklace 

My Design and Works
by Fashion de Suan

                                 this is my gowns that i'm proud of. Hahahah. I made this in 2nd semester at school in our Advance Draping class. i liked the color brown, long gown inspired by Madeleine Vionnet in Charmeuse. I just liked it because it makes the women looks sexy and elegant. mosty at the night when you wear it. And the other one is the purple corset pink soft tulle gown. I liked this idea because for me its also sexy, pretty and young. this is all i got for now. but i have an upcoming graduation collection i hope that i pass all of my subject. hahah shame >.<

Model: Carlita Salvador Lasquite 
Photographer: Kirk Arnaiz 
MUA: Charlene Garbo

Photographer: Annabell Beldua

Photographer: Val Sison

Model: Phoebe Sotto
Photographer: Kirk Arnaiz
MUA: Charlene Garbo

             Photographer: Val Sison

Friday, August 17, 2012


                       New Evolution, New Fashion and New Blog. its indicate what's my PASSION and PERSONALITY, i did this to improve my Fashion Style and Skills in Designing. In my Blog, it contains Photo shoots, weekly Inspiration, Story Pictures, happenings, my designs and works. I would like to thank all of you for supporting my Blog, i'm trying to make this big and beautiful just like you ^^ and thank you for showing your love , and also appreciating and spreading my works in my blog. So, that's for now and i just want you to see the STORY PICTURES: Cross Process

My Hair is true, i bleached and colored it.

their is something beneath my ear.